Halo :) while the new collection is (my)self-developing, i thought it may be interesting and fun to share some of my thoughts on… current everything, i guess...


all (here) is “random”, but important

[nothing is random… and not everything is important either… match your vibes]”

you see… the challenge is a matter of your perception


how well you can truly believe in something…



REALIZING the KEY to freedom:

you HAVE TO stop expecting others to understand you…

ink on paper


 it's a head game… (from the blog)

seeing 2:22 in the middle of the day is not unusual, but waking up to it in the middle of the night makes you want to look into it a bit deeper….

it seems to have everything to do with the Thought that you put out to the Universe, also, the ones that are unconsciously looping in your head holding you paralyzed in a weird uncomfortable place 

so the Thought has a path that inevitably leads you to your experience, and I wonder, why is it that we resist it.  Pathologically…

it is a new game of Humanity: leaving, breaking, changing rules and laws. opportunities for a whole new social circle, new dreams and wishes, hopes and visions… leaving restrictions put on us, leaving restrictions put on us also by ourselves

all the fears are triggered right now, and the biggest one comes from your sensitivity to the world and whats going on in the world around you. The world that’s over really to be honest.

it’s been weird lately. and its been a long process of things, not just for me., I know that for sure.

its necessary. notice the time that weathers the rock, grinds it and chips it away, and the elements of the Universe, the air, the water, perhaps even fire, taking these bits and bringing them down to Earth, to the ground. Here is Lilith. my greatest fascination, triggered by recent events that shook my foundation hard and completely shifted my relationships. She combines all of that plus metamorphosis into all that we have beneath our skin, the bits that didn’t wear away, that stayed alive and true about us. they are still there. you need to acknowledge them and face them, to make them you own. in that process you become real.

you have to face your vision now and see if you’re going to be able to follow through with it.. ascent to a whole new level of confidence and step right into your dream, that truly is the only way to get to wherever you want to go.

a few years back, going through a rough path, feeling on the edge of things, I fell asleep crying one night with a begging prayer in my heart “please, do not wake up me in the morning if you don’t think I can handle what's ahead of me”. a loud distinct voice woke me up in the middle of the night saying: “Create everything you imagine”. “OK” I thought, and peacefully fell back asleep.

i think about it every day and it keeps me on my path.

everything else is a distraction, steeling the sovereignty of the awesomeness of who you are…… watch your thoughts… because they eventually become your destiny.

identify yourself CORRECTLY

candid photos by Cybelle Codish, here with Sean Blackman

candid photos by Cybelle Codish, here with Sean Blackman