Halo :) while the new collection is (my)self-developing, i thought it may be interesting and fun to share some of my thoughts on… current everything, i guess... (this may take a moment)


all (here) is “random”, but important

[nothing is random… and not everything is important either… match your vibes]”

go fast… go slow…

go fast… go slow…

go fast… go slow…


… a Cardinal Fire in a Fixed Fire


there are butterfly fluttering all day long outside my little studio window…

Jason Silva (a “Performance philosopher“, sweet Universe please let our paths cross…) said “life exists inside these individual moments… it is up to us that these moments are vital and interconnected and GRAND… and to make our lives a masterful work of art… a dynamic work of art“

butterflies outside my window instantly awaken butterflies in my stomach… and they’re a good thing… (while looking up your symptoms, “skip WebMD… it just doesn’t simply apply in this reality anymore” as Sarah Paash mentions… seriously…)

now ground yourself and your idea, and use your skills and talents to manifest it… and have a wonderful time while in the process…

great urge toward perfection, in my case a great mental block I believe, pervades every aspect of my life. especially my work.

butterflies will remind you to not take things too seriously… they trust fully their new untested wings… they fly without a doubt, working through all the necessary stages, trusting the divine timing, leaving the comfort and limitations of the cocoon

what if we allow ourselves to be reborn… over and over again (sometimes), perpetuating old karma, as letting go of an old self brings energies of the past to test your dedication, to help you make sure of and solidify your commitments to the NEW… until no longer needed.

seeing the big picture definitely helps, and expanded vision definitely helps

what if we allow our identity to become permeated with beauty… persistently align ourselves with the path that feels deeply right

we must find new means of communication and intimacy.

“When we transcend the cycles of birth and death we open to a limitless realm of communication with the divine that happens via an infinite language.” (teaches Omega degree of my 9th House Sun in Aries 18, relocated to the 1st one in 2003) - for an ultimate self-fullfilment

you’re safe to create and grow…

work diligently, and don’t rationalize, justify, explain or judge your own actions - work spontaneously

i’m going to “take THIS idea and run with it…” Sarah Paash





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what if I was to change my feathers…





i truly appreciate it (Aries Sun, Leo Rising…)

anyone who knows me close enough has heard me state that no-one ever takes me seriously… seriously… i just got pet on the head the other day by a grown man, i got my cheeks pinched by a grown woman… seriously… the fun, silly, ditsy girl… ugh… that energy has been always strong in my life, as far back as i can reflect… its been an interesting experience and i wonder how much of it reflects back on me, how much of it is some kind of test to allow Me to truly become ME…



the (naive) unexpectability of the situation and an expected unpredictability of the moment has a potential to shift and point your current reality in a new direction, giving you a chance to create a new story… A REDEFINING MOMENT… if you allow to be.

a mistake is to think that you are not part-taking in this (and any) particular situation and have no influence on how it flows and where it goes. Where indeed you do: up until now, NOW, and moving forward from now on… in every way.

since we know THAT, than the (naive) unexpectability of the situation must be understood… you can”t not expect something that you have created in the first place… and if I didn’t see it coming it is only because i have lost touch with something important… and EXIST OUTSIDE OF NOW(?). So the expected unpredictability of the moment is a chance to break a recognizable pattern which most likely doesn’t serve you… it’s a chance to evolve. If you are present enough to notice it

To not acknowledge this is to deny that which has implemented it within you and created you in THAT way exactly. It is simply a part of your correctly functioning brilliant design. Deny it, and watch yourself getting farther and farther away from it’s potential. And than realize once again that this is not something that is being done to you, in fact, it’s your own doing. It’s a truth that emanates from every present moment. “Know that the ungrateful are never successful“ (Quran) it’s a lesson that comes from every teaching and every reflective perspective.

It eventually (hopefully) becomes clear… and in this humbling moment your heart swells actually. It’s truly amazing.

understand that we often don’t see the thing that we are becoming

how much can you REALLY love (self) through it all

In the end, falling in love is everything. None of it means anything without love.