STUDIO 79 by EVVOOSHKAis a line born out my love for Retro... Born in 79, (and i caught it a last moment!) I long for what I just missed and didn't get to experience... (well... everything besides the fringe... not my thing i must say...). "The romantic era of the ‘70s fashion was all about freedom, a variety of colors, eclectic looks and a tendency to mix and match different styles with each other. It’s the period of the simultaneous existence of several styles in the fashion industry and the decade when the subcultures of hippiespunks and bohemian chic style followers emerged..."  Also... the unforgettable scene  of STUDIO 54. Everyone was fascinating, everyone was a muse, everyone sparkled! It is my tribute and a way to express the side of me that no one really knows... you know... FREAK OUT, HAVE FUN, DANCE, SHINE! The products are coming very soon