four:twenty dress

EVVOOSHKA four:twenty dress

This dress could be available for purchase, but.... the first one would have to be purchased at the high cost of $25K... after that every next one would be much, much, much less costly... :) well... what i mean exactly is: that I am not able to move forward without initial investment, which would allow to establish a relationship with a Detroit fashion manufacturer and set up a small run production...  this would allow awn organic growth for the Brand and development of future collections

The dress is a prototype. . four:twenty dress is to be manufactured in several textile options and a few style variations.*


That being said, I am humbly putting it out there: EVVOOSHKA is seeking an initial financial support....

Contact me with any questions:



Thank You.

* Ewa Markiewicz aka EVVOOSHKA leads a vegan and environmentally aware lifestyle, which completely reflects on the Brand.