the Awareness got bored... #005

the awareness got bored

Do you know what would be an amazing human quality in my opinion… “Being able to see where someone else is… meet them there and make them feel better. “

No, it’s not a super-power.


The Awareness got bored. My Awareness got bored.

Being bored is not a familiar feeling for me. And that makes me feel all sorts of other things.

but once again... Anyway…

I meditated on it, and found a good reason for it: going deeper to get to know yourself, and to get to know this Universe is what will make you feel exactly That eventually. What I realized also, is that the more you learn about this Universe, the more you understand about Your-Self, and the thing I’m bored with precisely is: that particular state of mind and heart.


that this world is changing

you have to forget about the rules and the traditions, because they are changing too.

a lot to say here, but

don’t judge people either...

There is a lot of confusion, frustration, and sadness out there, and I guarantee everyone is going through that to some degree, meaning some are more or less aware of it, some deny it, and some ignore it. 

If you can, embrace it and find peace in solace.

Move from here when you’re ready.

But to move forward from a conscious place may be challenging, because there are things you have to let go of, there are situations you have to surrender to, nothing around you seems to have changed yet really, and there’s those arising emotions that you have to deal with.

And know that no-one is better or worst at it. The thing is that you have to find your own way of handling with it all.

Don't freak out.

Bite the bullet.

Shift your focus.

Start moving forward.

Be smart about it, stay clear… it’'s the Libra season after all. Your intellect is your friend. Unsupervised behaviors, feelings, and emotions can throw you off and down the rabbit hole of subconscious traps.


Get to know Yourself just so that you can really, really, truly know what makes you happy.


Unveil yourself unapologetically.

Show up in the most authentic way.

You can’t be seen otherwise.

Otherwise, no-one has a chance to love-you-anyway…

It's not always pretty maybe, 

but it's not about looking your best right now.

It’s about YOU.

Don't transform your life before you’re ready…

Until there is no doubt in your mind and heart and soul,

until everything aligns...


Count your blessings.

Do something you’re not used to doing.

Bring an edge to the equation of happiness.

Make sure that you’re in the center of your own Universe.


“There was a potential

an infinite potential

it became aware of itself

the awareness got bored

It needed expression

It needed diversity.” 

Here we are…

There is You.







Blaze your own trails...

Nothing is perfect until we say so. It's an objective concept, so don’t think twice about it. Don’t wait for the perfect moment.

~Peace, Evva aka EVVOOSHKA

ps…  Venus is going to retrograde for 40 days and 40 nights… dedicate yourself to something that you truly want and desire :)