it's a head game…

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seeing 2:22 in the middle of the day is not unusual, but waking up to it in the middle of the night makes you want to look into it a bit deeper….

it seems to have everything to do with the Thought that you put out to the Universe, also, the ones that are unconsciously looping in your head holding you paralyzed in a weird uncomfortable place 

so the Thought has a path that inevitably leads you to your experience, and I wonder, why is it that we resist it.  Pathologically…

it is a new game of Humanity: leaving, breaking, changing rules and laws. opportunities for a whole new social circle, new dreams and wishes, hopes and visions… leaving restrictions put on us, leaving restrictions put on us also by ourselves

all the fears are triggered right now, and the biggest one comes from your sensitivity to the world and whats going on in the world around you. The world that’s over really to be honest.

it’s been weird lately. and its been a long process of things, not just for me., I know that for sure.

its necessary. notice the time that weathers the rock, grinds it and chips it away, and the elements of the Universe, the air, the water, perhaps even fire, taking these bits and bringing them down to Earth, to the ground. Here is Lilith. my greatest fascination, triggered by recent events that shook my foundation hard and completely shifted my relationships. She combines all of that plus metamorphosis into all that we have beneath our skin, the bits that didn’t wear away, that stayed alive and true about us. they are still there. you need to acknowledge them and face them, to make them you own. in that process you become real.

you have to face your vision now and see if you’re going to be able to follow through with it.. ascent to a whole new level of confidence and step right into your dream, that truly is the only way to get to wherever you want to go.

a few years back, going through a rough path, feeling on the edge of things, I fell asleep crying one night with a begging prayer in my heart “please, do not wake up me in the morning if you don’t think I can handle what's ahead of me”. a loud distinct voice woke me up in the middle of the night saying: “Create everything you imagine”. “OK” I thought, and peacefully fell back asleep.

i think about it every day and it keeps me on my path.

everything else is a distraction, steeling the sovereignty of the awesomeness of who you are…… watch your thoughts… because they eventually become your destiny.

the Awareness got bored... #005

the awareness got bored

Do you know what would be an amazing human quality in my opinion… “Being able to see where someone else is… meet them there and make them feel better. “

No, it’s not a super-power.


The Awareness got bored. My Awareness got bored.

Being bored is not a familiar feeling for me. And that makes me feel all sorts of other things.

but once again... Anyway…

I meditated on it, and found a good reason for it: going deeper to get to know yourself, and to get to know this Universe is what will make you feel exactly That eventually. What I realized also, is that the more you learn about this Universe, the more you understand about Your-Self, and the thing I’m bored with precisely is: that particular state of mind and heart.


that this world is changing

you have to forget about the rules and the traditions, because they are changing too.

a lot to say here, but

don’t judge people either...

There is a lot of confusion, frustration, and sadness out there, and I guarantee everyone is going through that to some degree, meaning some are more or less aware of it, some deny it, and some ignore it. 

If you can, embrace it and find peace in solace.

Move from here when you’re ready.

But to move forward from a conscious place may be challenging, because there are things you have to let go of, there are situations you have to surrender to, nothing around you seems to have changed yet really, and there’s those arising emotions that you have to deal with.

And know that no-one is better or worst at it. The thing is that you have to find your own way of handling with it all.

Don't freak out.

Bite the bullet.

Shift your focus.

Start moving forward.

Be smart about it, stay clear… it’'s the Libra season after all. Your intellect is your friend. Unsupervised behaviors, feelings, and emotions can throw you off and down the rabbit hole of subconscious traps.


Get to know Yourself just so that you can really, really, truly know what makes you happy.


Unveil yourself unapologetically.

Show up in the most authentic way.

You can’t be seen otherwise.

Otherwise, no-one has a chance to love-you-anyway…

It's not always pretty maybe, 

but it's not about looking your best right now.

It’s about YOU.

Don't transform your life before you’re ready…

Until there is no doubt in your mind and heart and soul,

until everything aligns...


Count your blessings.

Do something you’re not used to doing.

Bring an edge to the equation of happiness.

Make sure that you’re in the center of your own Universe.


“There was a potential

an infinite potential

it became aware of itself

the awareness got bored

It needed expression

It needed diversity.” 

Here we are…

There is You.







Blaze your own trails...

Nothing is perfect until we say so. It's an objective concept, so don’t think twice about it. Don’t wait for the perfect moment.

~Peace, Evva aka EVVOOSHKA

ps…  Venus is going to retrograde for 40 days and 40 nights… dedicate yourself to something that you truly want and desire :)

an ultimate test of Ego… #004

To trust the Divine Timing is an ultimate test of Ego…

Ive been struggling with that idea all day today, and the battle in my head was bloo-o-o-dy…  as if I was protecting something I realized later...

And I'm just realizing now, Ive been protecting a Potential.

Potential for all things good.


I’m sorry, i needed some help to get here and hold this concept, long enough to grasp it a little tighter.


Why is it, that going deeper inside takes you farther away from people around you? 

Is it truly the only way to MEET eventually? To connect to someone from your authentic space means to simply recognize Yourself again. “Again“, because we forget, we let it dissolve, Or Finally… because in some cases we never had a chance or don’t quite know how to Be.

So you see Yourself reflecting in all your surroundings, encounters, and close relationships. Not always the most lovely experience, humbling for sure and certainly expansive. If you just allow.

Interesting... I pulled a Cobra card this morning: "if threatened, their first choice would be to disappear quickly and will only react aggressively if provoked.” (unlocking words) well… welcome to my world… Halo… 

I keep finding myself on this path on my own again and again, but I don’t think there is any other way for me really… my impulsive, reclusive nature… and a necessary, solitary state of being that cannot be crossed by just anyone anymore. 

So i keep pulling back to find security… I definitely find comfort here, but also a quiet gentle self-assurance comes after a while… 

and Here is where lesson comes: to trust the Divine timing… 


“where you are is exactly where you need to be”

"a set time for every matter, event, and thing to happen”

“one of the ways that the universe looks out for you”


Chill out.


All is good.


To trust the Divine timing is an ultimate test of Ego, which always seems to know better…

Well, it doesn’t.

To find yourself in a state of deep gratitude for life that has completely shifted your experience is to find yourself in a position of advantage. Understanding that "everything has everything to do with constantly getting better and evolving yourself" should put you at ease. To believe in yourself, is the biggest advantage you can have in any given situation. 

Grattitude is a concept I needed to learn to understand.

In my youth grattitude was a forced on me idea that would put me in contrast with those who have less or who have it harder… “you should be grateful! don’t complain!” whereas Gratitude is supposed to be a positive and purposeful emotion… 

what works

is a willingness to give oneself over.

there is an irresistible surrender that can happen. In life... in a situation... and between two people definitely...

There is nowhere to go but here

"Here", there is nothing that can harm you.

There is no need to question anything a million times


But there's always been a choice, where you can take it or leave it…

It's as if you're always invited, but not fully accepted.

The idea of someone having a choice to love you or not is very un-comforting…

It freaks me out and shakes me to the core.


I realize now, you don’t really see me. And most important, i did’t really see me either…

That is why you’re so sensitive to my words, my own personal, have-nothing-to-do-with-you emotions.

When someone gives up on you, you’ve given up ideas of future and past.

You have to thank the people who throw you off. It’s all in your favor anyway. You need to be in the right relationships to really move forward. Release all negative emotional connections in your life so you can truly focus now. Commit. 

So I say Thank You, and know nothing.

"Life isn’t just about receiving endless positive energy and good vibes. It’s also about broadcasting those things and creating more beauty. “ 

Here I am than, and there are forks on the road too, because there is many ways to get to the place you want to head towards now.

How do you know exactly which way to go and commit to fully? There’s no question anymore. It has to be 100% definite Yes on every level of your being that THAT ROAD feels better than the other one. That doesn’t mean there is no fear, or that it will be easy. None of it also means that you have to ditch anything. You can adjust and rearrange, shift point of view or look at things from a different perspective. And believe me… your Ego will most likely put Guilt right in front of the path that you really want to chose, it will probably tell you you’re selfish and than will add some Doubt and disguise as good intentions too... It’s brilliant in a way… What are you going to do though?

Those moments don’t come out of nowhere I realize now… you are being prepared for it along the way, Your strength is being tested, your resilience, your integrity. Your deep digging for authenticity allows you to stand stronger and stronger in your decisions. From a healthy perspective it all makes sense. Why fight it??? You know it’s for your own Greatness.

Your unquestionable emotions and feelings, the burning hunger for what’s missing are the key.

I suggest you bring back some magic to this moment.

or twist it to fit it into your own authentic way.

Look at your life and all aspects of it and understand why is it the way it is… its based on what you equate yourself to… now, between your conscious and subconscious many lies are said… look at your behavior… the World responds to it perfectly.

Don’t freak out. Don’t trip out. Don’t rush… Break through… Move through… Experience Thyself…

(it’s a test)

With Love,

Ewa M.


Illustration: Evvooshka

Muse & Model: Allison Laakko


at rest... at last... #003

... so the past few weeks, you have learned, or you might have been exposed to situations, allowing an opportunity to realize the power your manifesting skills... Dark times for me, honestly. An overwhelming feeling of lack within and without. Literally feeling as if I was the only being on the planet, feeling as if I have no energy left to move forward... Trying so hard to make the next step happen, i have drained myself pushing against all existing energies. I hit the floor.

I realized finally...

I must rest my body, and I must rest my mind and my soul, I must allow myself to truly come to the space of internal rest before I attempt to process... I escaped to nature. I went camping, I was hiking, and whitewater rafting, I went to the beach, and watched my son play volleyball until the Sun set I read, I meditated… I re-centered myself...

And now, here I am. it's time to internalize everything that has happened. It's time to understand all those (karmic) events that have been happening to you in your life… many intertwined, karmic, unexplainable, spiritual, very out of this world energies.

“It is time to open ones eyes. To not walk around blindfolded and to really see what is going on within ones experience. Everything is reflecting where one is seeing lack within themselves, therefore it is being experienced within ones life. What is it that feels like its missing, that is not already present now? Whatever that is, look at it more closely and see if you are in fact holding this back from yourself” ( #fiveofpentacles #mirasol )


I have been holding myself back.

Even though I have accomplished a lot, I can see all the walls and blocks that I MYSELF have put there on my path, thinking (and believing in what I was thinking), that I was not ready...

CLASSIC! I see it...

be honest with Yourself...

otherwise it's just disrespectful... 

You HAVE to move out of the dark places and away from dark energies in order to access all the Light and Illumination. Acknowledge it's there, admit (to yourself) that you might have created a lot of that yourself...

and now adjust yourself. and let the Universe adjust you, This is just the time for it.


Your heart knows the answer.

Your mind will distract you.


Its time to gather up and surround yourself with energy that will move you forward.

Charge your heart with everything you involve yourself with creatively. And this is very important here: commit to your talent fully, Share your talent and your heart... 

It’s a mission based life we’re living..


Muse & Model: Allison Laako

Photo & Photo edit: Ewa Markiewicz

Set & Makeup: Miles Marie aka Nomadic Madam

the radicalization of transformation #001

don’t be afraid to embrace the radicalization of transformation in your life. Right now especially...

... meaning, open your heart because there is magic in vulnerability.  The precise accuracy of your instincts is here to guide you exactly where your heart is pointing. 

How committed are you to taking out the secrets of your magic and applying them to your life and everything you do?

Trust your own good nature...

Own your Light...

Work from here... 

It's a new chapter  after all, so not being afraid of stepping into IT and being completely commited... understanding deeply what IT is. I mean seeing EVERYTHING that happened in your life as raw material for an alchemical process.

Look at it all...

An abundance of unique treasures.

Can't honestly see it sometimes...  

BUT. Love yourself a little more for just a moment, long enough to allow yourself a possibility of anything. Realize now that it's a choice simply what you identify yourself with... and that a  change in your thought is what makes everything possible... Grasping for once that everything has everything to do with constantly getting better and evolving yourself.

Because it's your nature. 

And you can't be uncertain. You just can't find the way like that... you get caught between authenticity and presentation. Between You, who you neglect to realize, and You, who you think are supposed to be.

I don't even know how I got here...

To present from your heart and truth, is the preferred way (since "there's no right or wrong way"...), but pleasing energies that on the end of the day you probably won’t connect with anyway is [many things, but...] confusing [for sure...].

Understanding one's true energy is enlightening. Literally,

Shifting towards it is transformative.

Improve your behaviors.

Don’t get frustrated about missing information. Not understanding clearly how things will unfold, yet trusting that life energies will move you forward, is Soul-expanding.  To trust the Divine timing is an ultimate test of Ego... how about that... 

Fall back from your own emotions and fears. That is the only way to move into new energies, that is the only way you can fly... simply let go of it all. And it seems abstract to OUR TRUTH about that, but believe me... it's not at all.

I just realized that though... And I feel like home here...

There is no way back to that unconscious place.

I've never felt so receptive. Its a trip... 


Ewa M.


Model & Muse: Allison Laako

Photo & Photo Edit: Ewa Markiewicz

Set & Makeup: Miles Marie aka Nomadic Madam


well... well... welcome... #000



"image is worth a thousand words" of course... An image can awaken the deepest feelings and most intense emotions... Image can move you through time and space and transform you along the way...





to express more fully

to understand the path

to understand the world

Because creating is not always easy,. Not that its not supposed to be. 

Through astrology, tarot, metaphysics, and science i open a space for epiphanies and realizations, intuitively grasping realities, and i put my world in order out of this scattered chaos I've created...


i hear


Behind destructively judgmental perpetual thoughts, inside all real observations and an array of feelings, in front of a dreamlike vision pointing to freedom and happiness..

with Love...

Ewa M.


Muse: Allison Laakko

Photo & edit: Ewa Markiewicz