Halo :) while the new collection is (my)self-developing, i thought it may be interesting and fun to share some of my thoughts on… current everything, i guess... (this may take a moment)


all (here) is “random”, but important

[nothing is random… and not everything is important either… match your vibes]”

WHAT’S RIGHT? WHAT’S WRONG? (I’ll decide later)


but now:

feel the feelings

experience the emotional richness

your subconscious mind is a feeling- mind…

the piercing thoughts leave no choice but to shield. dance the ego out of sight…

Notice that life surrounding you is at the level of your expanded consciousness… Increasing energy through the intentional connection with higher frequencies is what changes the rate of vibration.


what happens when an Arian cardinal fire gets put out?

It burns thousand times brighter

fueled by The breath

swirling at the base of the spine

reestablishing the foundation of existence

born from a spark

full of potential

lost at once

rebirths are delightful


a m o m e n t o f i n s a n e e n t r a c e m e n t

astonished... exalted in greatness, my soul is contemplating divine existence...

when that, which makes you You was cut off, going back towards it makes complete and absolute sense…

just for a glimpse of remembrance…

to re-create from the spark of potential embedded within your DNA

transformational power of Air.

Pallas Athena… a Warrior Queen and Creative Intelligence within an Aquarian receptivity to higher energies… sound, vibrations, colors, crystals, and light…. an intuitive path to the truth of the matter

Plutonian recreation of that which was ben hidden, revealed again through a new perspective, healing and reintegrating back into Self for the sake of evolution Generation X. Crucial importance of self-identification in the process of an artistic expression.

inventive and expansive language expression of Varuna, “He knows the pathway of the wind” (Rig Veda)… beneath the surface of every aspect of life, purposeful message is hidden… words change the World(s)… words as truth… transmuting ideas into realities… re-imbuing the vibrancy into existence…


In the end, falling in love is everything. None of it means anything without love.